Cannot Seem to Get Rid of the Stains on Your Windows?

Tips from a Professional Window Cleaning Contractor on How to Remove Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains found on windows can normally be removed using commercial products, household chemicals, or a special window cleaning contractor service for large or difficult jobs. These stains are common when sprinkler systems regularly hit windows, or the rain has a high level of pollutants. They usually take on the form of deposits on glass which could spread over a period of time, thus ensuring windows look perpetually dirty, this can be a huge issue for vehicles in addition to homes.

Window cleaning will benefit for a better environment.One choice is using a hard water stain remover. Several products are available at hardware and home improvement stores, in addition to tools such as sponges which are intended to use on glass. The main worry is preventing scratches, which could be a problem when using harsh abrasives on glass. Some elbow grease will be required to get rid of hard water stains on windows, especially if they have been left to build up over a length of time. However, once they have been removed, make a habit of wiping windows down regularly, as this will prevent any future problems arising.

Acidic chemicals found around the house will also work. White vinegar is an excellent choice for removing hard water stains off windows. Should they be extra stubborn, some hard scrubbing will be needed. Other acid based cleaners could be used on glass, so long as they don’t come with any abrasive ingredients inside. A gentle rub using baking soda should help to lift out deeper stains.

For jobs which are too hard to handle alone, such as windows that are to high to reach or especially dirty, a professional is an excellent choice. These provide flat rate quotes for removing stains. They will have all the necessary equipment, in addition to chemicals to ensure clean windows.

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